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We love collaborating closely with our clients. In fact, the best design solutions come out only thanks to active involvement from our clients. To ensure that fruitful involvement, we take several steps. At all times, the design process has to remain visual and understandable and can be broken down as follows:


first step

We assess your taste and needs through extensive discussions, looking at reference images and potential suppliers.
Example of reference images from a townhouse project in Dubai, UAE

second step

Once we have assessed the combinations of colors and design pieces, we create a mood board with all the items, materials, textures and shades. 
Examples of a current project. Living Room, Beach House,
Koh Samui, Thailand

third step

We do a photoshop collage of the picked items. Every wall is then featured in a collage.
Example of a completed project. Living Room, Apartment,
Paris, France

fourth step

We create 3Ds for every room. Although mood boards and collages are much more appropriated tools to render colors and textures, the 3Ds give at best the use of space and the sense of proportions. 
3D renders of The Tea Terrace in Dubai, a completed project
by La Belle Maison 

fifth step

Site Supervision: During the execution phase, we visit the site very regularly to  ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to the design.
Site supervision of The Tea Terrace, Dubai. Designed and supervised 
by La Belle Maison
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