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Quirky, Bold Interiors by La Belle Maison | Client Interview

La Belle Maison just completed a stunning home in Dubai Hills. if you missed our previous blog post on it, here it is. A quirky eclectic 'Mad Hatter' home.

We sat down with our clients Chris & Janara Jones, the homeowners of this stunning quirky and bold forever home.

We absolutely love how your townhouse interiors was executed. Does it match the vision you had for your home?

Absolutely, it matches the vision I had in my mind. When I interviewed designers to do the project, I already had a clear style in her mind so it all came down to the evolution of the concept and the quality of execution.

There are sentimental pieces throughout your home that have a lot of meaning to you. How did you work with LBM (La Belle Maison) to make sure the end product was just what you were looking for?

We got an antique table from Austria customized with art by an artist in Dubai. There were a few things that we implemented in the design of the table to make it special; our wedding date, children’s birthdays, the name of my husbands’ father who recently passed. You have to look closely to notice these very special dates and names. We’re so happy to have such a beautiful table that’s not only stunning but very meaningful to us all.

There is beautiful antique furniture that was used, brought in from Austria. Have you always loved antique furniture? And did you always want antiques in your house, or did this just happen when you were sitting with LBM conceptualizing the design?

We decided to go with antique furniture because the shape and style that I like couldn’t be found in stores in Dubai. The furniture in Dubai is very modern and I prefer the traditional European style. Alex from La Belle Maison was in Austria so she went to antique shops to shop around to find something that suits my style. Alex sent me pictures of stunning pieces that I absolutely loved and with the ability to restore the pieces, I know it would fit perfectly. Companies don’t make furniture like this anymore so I’m so pleased that we managed to get exactly what I was looking for.

Your home is filled with signature pieces that give a wow factor; how do you describe your personal interior style?

My personal interior style is a mix of bold colors, traditional shapes, rounded with a soft flow, quirky. A lot of people who visit say they get the feeling of being in the Mad Hatters house from Alice in Wonderland, a lot of pieces in the house remind them of this.

Did La Belle Maison bring everything you wanted for your space to life just how you wanted?

They really did. It’s exactly what I wanted. My quirky bold style is reflected in my home. At our initial meeting, La Belle Maison came in with a proposal with beautiful mood boards, suggested colors, designs, materials, and so on. They knew the brief so well.

We love the vision you had for your kitchen, especially the customized tiles as these also hold sentimental value as the pattern incorporates your heritage. Can you walk us through the process of choosing the customized pattern.

I love the tiles and how they came out. They really brighten up the kitchen. I have always loved Sicilian-style tiles and Alex knew exactly where to order them, when she showed me their product range, I instantly fell in love with them. They were able to put the suggested designs on the 3D renders to give me a very good idea of how it would look in real-time. They then suggested getting some tiles customized to make it special for us, so I sent them various traditional Kazakhstan imagery and patterns. They used similar colors and patterns in the tiles and came up with a design that is very close to my heart. I also love that the tiles are hand-painted.

You have a stunning garden; it really is your own oasis! What was your vision for this space and what did La Belle Maison do to make sure it was exactly what you wanted?

The garden is my husband’s heart and soul, he grew up in England where they always had a beautiful garden. His father was a landscaper and my husband always wanted to have a beautiful garden where friends could get together, BBQ, relax and where the children can play outside.

La Belle Maison suggested curvy organic edges instead of sharp corners, the garden is small so LBM proposed different levels to make it look interesting and to utilize the space well. There are different zones for kids and adults, a separate kitchen, and an outdoor lounge. The outdoor space is defined by different heights and my husband’s vision was perfectly executed. I love how the outdoor tiles and cushions match; it really brings the space together. What makes this space so special is the hidden lights under the steps, they really brighten up the whole space at night, it’s beautiful to sit outside, relax and enjoy the night.

And lastly, can you describe your style in one sentence.

If Mad Hatter was a style, then that's my style. Alice in Wonderland mixed with grunge mixed with glam rock.

La Belle Maison loved conceptualizing and bringing the client's vision to life! A one-of-a-kind project in Dubai Hills.


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