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It's Basement Rennovation Time

With lockdown going on still in all parts of the world, we’re seeing the trend spike on utilizing the space in your house to the best you can, seeing as spending more and more time at home is our new reality, for the time being at least. Denis Orsat, Co-founder of La belle Maison has been conceptualizing ways to help clients in Vienna and Dubai clear out their basements and make this un-used space in our homes one that sparks joy. The usual basement tends to be dark, lacks windows and has low ceilings, but this can’t stop us adding precious square feet to your living space!

So we're blessing you with 8 tips on renovating your basement at home.

Tip 1: Keep it bright

For the walls, use a light color palette (white, light cremes, pale yellows) and paint your rafters light to brighten things up! Also go for a light flooring, like a light wooden parquet or white ceramic tiles. It will give the illusion of your room being bigger and your ceiling higher.

Tip 2: Get playful!

Once your walls, floor and ceiling are painted in a light tone, dare to get a bit crazy and daring! Add fun color splashed and sharp contrasts to make your room lively! Colorful rugs by The Rug Company.

Tip 3: Go stormy!

If you cannot beat the dark side of your basement, embrace it! A deep color scheme will be striking, add a touch a masculinity and some stormy ambiance! Boston blue by Benjamin Moore for a man cave feeling!

Tip 4: Layer the lights

Layered lighting is essential in making your room bright and welcoming. Install adjustable recessed lightings in your ceiling. You will be able to direct the light downward over the entire height and length of the room. Plinth lights all around the baseboards will help to brighten up the polished floor and spread brightness even further. Finish by adding some floor, or table lamps in the dark corners!

Tip 5: Keep it low

Since basements often feature low ceilings, try to keep the furniture pieces as low as possible. It will make your room look higher! Go for a low sofa and a low coffee table. You will feel that the space has expanded!

Tip 6: Get cozy

Throw pillows and blankets to make it cozy! And why not adding a bookcase to create a library corner and the feeling of a calming retreat? Merino wool blankets by Nordstrom. Pillow mix by Jordan Interiors.

Tip 7: Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Don’t forget the mirrors! They make a room look larger and reflect the light. Placing a mirror across from a light source can reflect the light back into the room. Go for a large mirror, a series of small ones or for mirror tiles!

Tip 8: Sparkle and shine forever

Last but not least! Like mirrors, metal accent also reflects the light. Use shiny metal accents for lamp bases, candleholders or other metal fixtures. Mirror polished stainless-steel vase by Georg Jensen. Copper table lamp by urban outfitters.

Get in touch with La Belle Maison to get your interiors done!

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